As pictures are received from the guild chairpersons, they are added to this "2008 photo scrapbook." 

St. Catherine Guild ladies painted and filled 300 spice bottles!

The spice bottles are glued to the painted plaques.

.Jerry, Judy, Linda, Aimee, and Jean enjoy lunch during the KDCCW convention in Gatlinburg.

Jean, Vivian, Loretta, Ruth, and Bettye are making pine cone ornaments to sell at St. Patrick's Craft Festival.

Marietta and Marie are making rosary bracelets.

Wendy teaches Ginny and the others how to make rosary bracelets

NDCCW ladies enjoy a simple meal before the meeting begins.

Barbara is making bisquits for the breakfast to honor high school graduates.

Judy and Jean help Barbara with the breakfast.

Our very own herbarist, Jean, teaches us "All about Herbs."
Twenty-two ladies listen, learn, ....

and enjoy a delicious lunch.

ST. Catherine's Guild sells their crafts at community yard sale.

NDCCW has a boutique booth at the church's yard sale.

Many items are available for sale.

Yeah, the first one sold!

Ladies prepare a mercy meal.

Ladies prepare supper each night for Vacation Bible School.

Many women share talents in Jerusalem Market Place.

A tribe leader, the song leader, and the director make for a successful VBS.

Women and men work together to feed the Astros brunch.

But the ladies get to clean up afterwards.


Father John installs 2008 officers and guild chairpersons.

St. Catherine Guild ladies paint "Joy" centerpieces.

Once painted, they begin decorating them..

and decorating...

and decorating...

Until...we can relax because...

They're almost finished..

Ladies decorate Yule Logs for fall craft bazaar in Morristown.

Be careful with the glue guns!

I can't make up my mind - reds or golds?

The finished Yule Logs are beautiful!

 What price should I put on these ornaments?

 These candy advent calendars should sell for $3.00.

 Put this bead on this pin, then pin the pins together.  It's easy!

 We're rolling crusts for the pecan and pumpkin pies.

 You're doing a great job!

 We only have 100+ more to go!
Ladies get together for the September meeting.
Father John is our moderator.

Talented girls present program.
October meeting attracts new faces.

Ladies learn to make rosaries.
Susan presents an informative program on the rosary.
St. Martha Guild prepares mercy meal.

Father John leads the blessing.
We'll we ever get all of this set up tonight?
We finished in just two hours!
Ladies and crafts are ready; now we need some customers.
 We made almost $500 at the St. Patrick CCW Craft Bazaar.

The generosity of the CCW ladies is overwhelming!

Sharon tells her story and how she got involved with The Hope Center.

The Hope Center  provides a 24-hour Hopeline, free pregnancy tests, education about fetal development and alternatives about abortion, adoption facilitation, free counseling, newborn layettes, baby clothing and supplies, maternity clothing and supplies, post-aboretion counseling, nutrition classes, baby care classes, "Earn While You Learn" parenting classes, mentoring, abstinences classes, and adult learning.

 What more can we do to help?

The Committee gathers around Santa.

Margaret's cake is beautiful!

Our seminarian, Dustin, has the prayer and meditation.

Marie presents our gifts to Dustin and Father John.
We also raised $270 to give to the Greeneville Ministries Coal Fund.

Alma interprets for Amanda.

The food is delicious!

We're all having seconds!

We're having a really good time.

Santa and Mrs. Claus eat, too.

Now, let's sing number 12 - my favorite.

We're forever blowing bubbles.

Gifts for the White Elephant game are ready.
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