Ghana Medical Mission

One of my favorite Latin expression Omnia mea mecum Porto—All that is mine I carry with me—succinctly expressed the gratitude that is in my heart, mind and in my being.  My heart is filled with eternal gratitude for my family here in the U.S.A, Germany, and in Ghana along with all the friends, parishioners, benefactors who made the medical Mission to Nkonya-Wurupong a reality.  The deserving accolades belong to the doctors, families, and friends who saw the Medical Mission through to its success.

The joy that I feel is expressed in the smile on the faces of the people fortunate enough to felt cared for by family, friends and doctors; to be fortunate enough to have a good night sleep; and, in some circumstances, lucky enough to see another day light.  Lastly, for all of you who donated meds, treasure, time, and prayer I hope God grants you a prophet’s reward for helping to care for the less fortunate - a people half a world away.

The immediate Mission for me is to get Juliet Opoku to the U.S. for necessary operation.  Juliet is my cousin’s daughter; am waiting for her medical records in the near future to begin the leg work.  See below Fr. John and Juliet with two cousins looking on in the background.

I pray you see in these pictures great solace in the smile, hope in the dances, and overwhelming love in the welcome.  Thanks to all of you.  To God belongs the glory, Amen.

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Welcome and Cultural Presentation Medical Mission
Tourist Attractions of Ghana Orphanage
Mass Return Flight

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