Haiti Mission

The Immaculate Conception de Roseaux

(a.k.a.: de Roseaux Project)
In 1982, Notre Dame Catholic Church adopted a Haitian parish through the Parish Twinning Program.  For 26 years the parishioners of Notre Dame have prayed for, collected and shipped in-kind gifts, and made financial contributions to assist our brothers and sisters in de Roseaux. Twenty three years!  That is longer than some of you have been alive!  Haiti is considered a fourth-world country as classified by the United Nations.  In fact, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world.
The above photo shows a classroom of teenagers Note that there are no books or school supplies on the desks in front of the children.  There is no access to water during school hours.   The school rooms are roofed in tin which makes the temperature inside classrooms unbearable.

In 2001, the Social Action Committee of the Parish Council began sponsoring a special focus on de Roseaux during the Lenten seasons.  Parishioners contributed in-kind gifts of beans, rice, hygiene supplies, school supplies, etc.  The buckets shown in this photo were used to ship a spring shipment to Haiti.  The buckets are being put to good use!

Note the numbers on the bucket at the far right - 24/82. This particular shipment included 82 containers. 

In December 2006, our pastor Father John Appiah traveled to Haiti to visit our sister parish to assess their needs more fully.  Since that visit, we have had more consistent communications with Father Alexis, the parish priest.   In a communication from Father Alexis, the following were identified as top priorities:

*  Reduce classroom overcrowding ($5000 was sent October 2007 to begin the work)

*  Reduce heat in classrooms (Roofs are made of tin; and, the sun causes the temperatures in the classrooms to feel like a sauna.)

*  School books  ($1000 was sent in October and books have been purchased & are in use.)

*  Teacher salaries  ($200 a month is being sent to help out)

*  Access to water during school (The closest water source is a mile away.)

Father Alexisís responsibilities also include five chapels (schools) and the training of the teachers.  Each chapel has about 130 children.

During Lent, we wish to ask each of you to Ďadoptí de Roseaux Project as the recipient of your Lenten financial sacrifice.  For the past five to six years, we have faithfully given annually around $5,000 to our sister parish.  The needs identified above are worthy & costly.  Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 to help alleviate the situations at school which adversely affect the childrenís ability to learn.  Every penny, dime, quarter, & dollar given toward de Roseaux would be appreciated.  Please designate your contributions for de Roseaux Project.

Click here for more information and to see pictures of the church and surrounding area.

Thank you!

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