Parish News - Weekly Bulletin

APRIL 13, 2014


OFFICE PHONE - (423) 639-9381,  FAX (423) 638-5219

STAFF - Sandy Alter, Administrative Assistant;  Dr. Fred Ricker, Music Director; Susan Collins, DRE and Youth Minister

ORGANIZATIONS - Aimee Place, Notre Dame Council of Catholic Women; Bud Noe, Grand Knight -  K of C Council 6784; Bud Noe, Tuesday Work Crew; Sharon Folk,  Chairman of Parish Finance Committee; Judy Collins, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

EUCHARIST SCHEDULE - Sat. Confession 4:00 pm,  Sat.Vigil 5:00 pm,  Sun. 8:00 am and 11:00 am (Nursery), Sun. 3:00 pm Hispanic Mass, Tuesday thru Friday: 8:30 am

NURSERY - Every Sunday during 11:00 AM Mass

OFFICE HOURS - 9:00 am-4:00 pm Monday-Thursday (Closed for lunch from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.)


BAPTISM:  Baptisms are celebrated at Sunday Mass.  At least one parent must be a registered parishioner.

FIRST COMMUNION:  First Holy Communion is celebrated every year in the spring.  In order to participate, a child must be enrolled in our religious education program.

CONFIRMATION:  Confirmation is celebrated every year in the spring.   Preparation is provided as a part of the regular religious education program.

MARRIAGE:  Our Diocese mandates a period of at least six months for marriage preparation. Please call the rectory to set an appointment to discuss preparation for this sacrament with Fr. Jim. Attendance at an Engaged Encounter weekend is required, contact Mike and Joan Eiffe at 865-938-5825 or for more information.

RECONCILIATION (PENANCE):  The regularly scheduled time for reconciliation is from 4:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. every Saturday.  In addition, special reconciliation services are held during Lent and Advent every year.

ANOINTING OF THE SICK/COMMUNION:  Call the office to inform us of anyone who is hospitalized, in a nursing home, or otherwise unable to attend regularly-scheduled Masses. Privacy laws prevent us from calling to get information about your condition when you are hospitalized unless you have given the hospital staff permission to speak to us.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION:  Parents or guardians are primarily responsible for the catecheses of their children which necessitates participation at Sunday Mass.  All children are required to follow the normal course of religious education classes.  A special class for sacraments will be offered for those who have missed a number of years of religious education.

* * * * * * * * * * *
NEW PARISHONERS: Please fill out a registration form.  It is important for you to register so we have an accurate mailing address and so we can keep an accurate account of your contributions.  The forms are available in the church, or one can be mailed to you.  When the form has been completed, just send it to the office or drop it in the collection basket.

CATHOLIC BOOKSTORE:  The Paraclete, 417 Erin Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919, Phone 1-800-333-2097

TRAVELERS:  You can get the Mass schedules for churches in the area where you will be vacationing or visiting by going to

* * * * * * * * * * *

PLEASE PRAY:  Prayers or healing: Barbara B. Jones, Esperanza Joseph,  Janet Murphy, Mary and Frank Sanders, Paul Loewenkamp, Riann Burroughs and daughter, Logan; Douglas McConnell, Carl M., Bob May, Sarah Ormsbee, Harvey Ormsbee, John Benko, Ann Carter, Ruth and Robert Schell, Jon Thomas, Jean Siersma, Wanda Ricker, Kelly Humphrey, Martha Renner, Betty Drain, Eleanor Bitner, Joseph McBride, Sr., John Conley, Pat Quint, Alexander Toth, Martha Jane Fannon, Mel Mauck, Mary Lou Lamb, Wayne and Karen Kiehna, all homebound and nursing home parishioners and their caregivers.  Names will be kept on the prayer list for one month then, removed, unless Church office notified: 639-9381

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOTE:  There is a Ministry sign up sheet in the Narthex. If your  name is not listed on the schedule to serve in some capacity, during Holy Week; be generous with your time and consider adding your name to the list. Sign up to serve; it is an honor to serve the Lord, esp in His House. Practice for Holy Saturday Vigil is at 10 AM.

DEADLINE FOR EASTER FLOWER DEDICATIONS EXTENDED: A donation of $15.00 per request is suggested to honor or remember a loved one. Names of the honorees and memorials will be published in the Easter bulletin. LAST DAY IS WEDNESDAY! Just drop an envelope in the collection basket with the information or come by the Office.

SAT Apr   12  5:00 PM SI Eric Cutshaw by Audrey& Margaret
SUN Apr   13  8:00 AM + Buddy Beauverd by W. Hankins
  11:00AM SI Carmen Price by Barbara Price
    3:00 PM SI People of Notre Dame Parish
MON Apr   14   NO MASS
TUES Apr   15    NO MASS -Chrism Mass-Knoxville
WED Apr   16    NO MASS
THU Apr   17  7:00 PM + Bill Price by Brenda & Walt Leiste
FRI Apr   18   NO MASS
SAT Apr   19  8:15 PM + Bill Price by Barbara Price
SUN Apr   20  8:00 AM SI Doug McConnell by A. Vocaturo
  11:00AM + Bill Price by Joe & Deb Fellows, Joseph Kramek by Scott/ Lisa Fisher
    3:00PM SI People of Notre Dame Parish

NO Morning Mass in the Chapel this week-Please see above Mass schedule.

MINISTRY LIST - The Notre Dame Ministry List for May, June, July 2014 will be published after Holy Week.  Please email me at or call 638-1951 to report dates you will not be available to serve. Thank you, A.Place

To encourage a deeper appreciation of Holy Week, Father Jim is suspending all regularly scheduled meetings/activities and asks for a “Quiet Church” this week.
Palm Sunday, April 12-13, Vigil Mass 5pm; Regular Sunday schedule: 8 am, 11am, 3pm Spanish Mass
Tuesday, April 15, CHRISM MASS 7:30 p.m; at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Knoxville. Carpooling  available, call Susan at the office, 639-9381.
Wednesday, April 16, Choir Practice/music room 7pm
Holy Thursday, April 17 @ 7pm Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Good Friday, April 18 @ 3pm, The Passion of the Lord and Veneration of the Holy Cross
Holy Saturday, April 19 @ 8:15pm Easter Vigil Mass
Easter Sunday, April 20 regular Sunday Mass schedule will be followed: @ 8am, 11am, 3pm in Spanish

Sun ~ Apr 13 ~ Mt 21: 1-11; Is 50: 4-7; Phil 2: 6-11; Mt 27:11-54 or Mt 26: 14---27: 66 Palm Sunday
Mon ~ Apr 14 ~ Is 42: 1-7; Jn 12: 1-11
Tues~ Apr 15 ~ Is 49: 1-6; Jn 13: 21-33, 36-38
Wed ~ Apr 16~ Is 50: 4-9;  Mt 26: 14-25
Thurs ~ Apr 17 ~ Ex 12: 1-8, 11-14; 1 Cor 11:23-26; Jn 13: 1-15 Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Fri ~ Apr 18~ Is 52;13-53:12; Heb 4: 14-16, 5: 7-9; Jn 18: 1 - 19: 42 The Passion of Our Lord
Sat ~ Apr 19~ Gn 1:1- 2:2; Gn 22:1-19; Ex 14: 1-15: 1; Is 54: 5-14; Bar 3:9-15; Ez 36: 16-17, 18-28; Rom 6: 3-11; Mt 28: 1-10 Easter Vigil Mass


SPECIAL SECOND COLLECTION EASTER SUNDAY - The Diocese has asked a second collection be taken for the Diocese Seminarian Education Fund at Easter.  The envelopes, already scheduled, for second collection at Easter are: Green envelope for Haiti; our Charity Fund; and a regular Sunday Easter Collection envelope. Thank you for supporting our Church, the extra Charities, and the Diocesan Seminarian. Education Fund .(see bulletin insert from Diocese).

COUNCIL CATHOLIC WOMEN - There will be no April meeting. Next meeting of CCW is scheduled for Sun, May 25th, 2014; Parish Hall beginning at 6 pm. CCW Spring Bake Sale is planned for the weekend Apr 26-27.  Delicious bake goods available from all the wonderful cooks/bakers in our CCW! These delectable goodies will be on sale after all Masses.

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS ~ welcomed their newly installed members Sunday evening at the “First Degree ceremony.” Congratulations to Jacob Morgan, Robert Bault, Patrick Doughtery, Paul Johnston, Jr., Anthony Mackin, and Richard Jones. Thanks to all the KC members who helped make this installation such a memorable event. - Grand Knight. Bud Noe

We are happy to welcome new parishioners to our Church family.  We have a very active, friendly parish and ask that you take a moment to introduce yourself to Fr Jim and/or the greeters at Mass; ask for a registration form. Fill it out, drop it in the collection basket or bring it by the Church office. It’s important we have a correct mailing address/phone # and email. WELCOME!!!

IMPORTANT DATE FALL FESTIVAL OF NATIONS  will be held on Saturday, September 20th - Mark the date! We have a chairman who is ready and willing to get us going. Several new activities and venues are planned. We have a few volunteer committee chairpersons on board already.  Do you think you can help chair or serve on one of the many committees? Think about it; then call the Church Office.

BRINGING HOME THE GOSPEL: Palm Sunday-Passion of the Lord, Mt 27:11-54: The story of Jesus’ suffering tells us that his friends left Him.  He carried His cross, and He was laughed at and beaten.  Yet He continued to love everyone. Like Jesus, we are called to always love.  What acts of love will you do for others during this Holy Week?

LIBRARY BOOK SALE:  Collection box is in the Narthex alcove for your donation of all unwanted books, CDs, DVDs. This annual book sale benefits Greeneville/Greene County Library. Books are being collected through April, 2014. The Book Sale location, is the Warehouse @406 N Irish St; The sale will be held: Sat; May 1,2,3. Volunteers are always welcome to come sort, stack, and serve in many other ways! Just report to the Warehouse during the week!

FOOD BANK: Thank you, Notre Dame for “feeding the hungry”. Soup is the commodity for the month of April.  Some standard food items are always needed: canned meats/meals, Spaghetti sauce, pasta noodles, crackers, Mac and cheese, Hamburger helper, tuna helper, dry cereal, peanut butter, powder milk, canned beans, corn, veggies, fruit, soups and boxes of rice. Our Food Bank barrel is in the alcove of the Church Narthex. Thank you for your generosity!

CRS RICE BOWL REFLECTION: ASSISTING OUR NEIGHBORS ~ Sixth week of Lent, PALM SUNDAY~ 25 percent of contributions to CRS Rice Bowl remain in our Diocese, helping to support local poverty and hunger alleviation programs. This week we pray for people in our own community who struggle with poverty and hunger.  Give your rice bowl support to programs that help the poor in our own community this week, Our $$ goes to our Catholic Charities in E. TN.

RICE BOWLS SHOULD BE TURNED IN BY EASTER SUNDAY! There is a large CRS Box in the Narthex for your Rice Bowls. You may roll your coins, or write a check for the amount collected. Make checks payable to Notre Dame and note on the memo line “for CRS/rice bowl”. We send all the contributions to the Diocese for distribution.  Thank you for your generosity.

CONFIRMATION: Students currently in high school, who have not been confirmed, are invited to begin the process with the Rite of Enrollment. A meeting will be held for all interested students and parents on Sun., April 13 at 4:30 p.m. in the education wing.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: “Rome: Paul and the Underground Church” is the theme for this summer VBS. Families are encouraged to participate together in this fun and educational opportunity. Dates and times plus more information to come. Volunteers needed for the marketplace – carpentry, architecture, leatherwork, metalworking, food shop, scribe, togas, grammaticus school, wreath-making and animal sacrifice sales… plus the drama team and apprenticeship games.

GOD CAMPS: at Harrison Bay State Park, Chattanooga
Discover: 5th & 6th grades, June 19 – 21, cost $100
Reach: 7th & 8th grades, June 16 – 19, cost $125
Dare to Dream: 9th-12th, June 25-29, cost $269 at Ocoee Retreat Center; Theme “Let’s Get Messy” Pope Francis. See the flyer on the board in the narthex or check out the video on the youth ministry page of the diocese website.
QUESTION: “What are the four marks of the Church?     Answer: The four marks (or pillars) of the Church are: The Church is ONE, united by the Trinity, as all members believe the same truths and celebrate the same Mass; HOLY because Jesus established it and made it holy and the Church helps its members live holy and Christ-like lives;  CATHOLIC means ‘universal’ which unites the faithful on earth, those in Heaven and Purgatory as Jesus intended the Church for all of humankind everywhere, & APOSTOLIC as Jesus gave authority to St Peter, the apostles, and their successors to continue His Church. Did you know the answer?

FAITH QUIZ and ONE MINUTE MEDITATION FOR THIS WEEK: Most of us will never feel even a small part of the pain Jesus endured during his crucifixion.  He was always thinking of others, even while dying on the Cross, He took care of many things.  Can you name seven things He did just before giving up His Spirit? (answer: next week)

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