Notre Dame Catholic Church


December 5, 6, and 7 of the year 2007

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

A most wonderful evening of good food and musical entertainment set in a midieval theme can be found in Greeneville, Tennessee.

On this occasion of our first Madrigal celebration, we are honored to welcome you to our yuletide festivities.  As you feast with the nobles in the realm of the Castle of Notre Dame, you will lift your glasses in a toast to this festive season and to each other.  There will be music, merriment, good food, and good memories.  We pray that you will carry your remembrances of this joyous occasion home in your hearts and spread the wonder of the season to those you love.

The Feast:  The Great Wassail, French Oignon Soupe, Fresh Greene Salade, Rosemary Roasted Loin of Pork with Peppercorn Glaze, Parsley Buttered Potatoes, Queen's Broiled Tomatoe, Stone Oven Breade, De Royale Dessert

Ye Programe: First Announcement - Seating of the Guests (Click here to see some pictures of Guests - Thursday/Friday)
Second Announcement - Welcum and Procession
Thirde Announcement - The Great Wassail
Fourthe Announcement - Procession of the Boare's Head and Serving of the Christmas Feast
Fifth Announcement - De Entertainment

Please Note - Videos will take a long time to download.

Notre Dame Castle Dining Hall is ready for guests.

Click here to see some of the guests that attended the madrigal dinner.

The Gate Keeper and Head Wench welcome the guests.

The Royale Musicians set the mood for the evening.

 The Towne Crier and Ribbon Dancer lead the procession of the royal court.

The Court Magician and his assistant are first on the scene.

Two Ladies of the Court enter the hall.

The King's Advisor joins the group.

More Ladies of the Court enter.

Two young ladies eagerly await the banquet.

Almost everyone has arrived.

Finally the king and queen enter the royal dining hall at notre dame castle.
The King and Queen anxiously await the boar's head - the heart of the feast.

The boar's head is shown to the royal court and then to the guests.

The wenches serve the wassail for the opening toast.
After the toast, oignon soupe and green salad are served.
The Royale Couple are the first to be served.

The main course is rosemary roasted loin of pork, potatoe, tomatoe, and bread.

Click here to view a video that shows how everyone finally got the wenches to serve dessert - a modern rendition of figgy pudding..

Click here to see the Royal Dancers entertain the guests after dinner..

Click here to enjoy the court jester as he juggles balls, rings, and kingpins.

Click here to be amazed as the courte magician levitates his assistant.

Click here to enjoy the madrigal presented by the royale courte.

The Royale Courte stands and wishes everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year in song as they leave the notre dame castle dining hall.

Special Thanks

A Very special thanks comes from the heart of his Royale Highness and his Queen for all the many hard, long hours the whole staff of the madrigal have put towards the success of this venture.  We love each of you and wish you a joyous, spirit filled holiday season.

Ye RoyaleCourte: Fred Ricker, Wanda Ricker, Sandy Alter, Ashleigh Ayers, Margaret Ayers, Rachelle Fenter, Emily Hagenburger, Karin Hagenburger, Bob Moore, Airee Place, Barbara Price, and Sandra Smith

Ye Roayle Musicians: His Royale Highness, Margot Alter, and Savannah Ayers

Ye Entertainers: James Durham, Father Jim Harvey, Kaitlyn Horner, Kelsey Horner, Sarah Longworth, Victoria Longworth, and Dianna Thompson

Servers and Wenches:  Stephania Collins, Susan Collins, Samantha Durham, Dylan Jones, Stacey Minix, Kayla Murphy, Virginia Nagy, David Place, Carrie Woods, Susan Jones, and Judy Collins

Kitchen Staff:  Steve Sponcia - Head Chef, Lori Sponcia, Father John Appiah, Betty Bright, JoAnn Brown, Roger BrownJudy Collins, Jerry Collins, Loretta DeRuvo, Belinda Fenter,Jean Haggenburger, and Amanda Norris

Click here to see pictures of the kitchen staff and wenches hard at work.  You can also see the cast getting ready to perform.

Artists: Linda Grice, Joyce Morris, and Jeanne Pamilla

Publicity: Steve Morrissey

Costumes and Props: Tusculum College Arts Outreach

Click here to see the article that appeared in the East Tennessee Catholic.