Notre Dame Catholic Church



Pictures of theCast

The cast has a last minute practice before going to the castle.

Lords Robert and Jerry pose with Wizard Jim and Lady Dianna.

Ladies Maureen, Sandy, and Heather get ready to enter the castle.

Maiden Rachelle, Lord Pat, and Lady Alicin are not a bit nervous.

Sisters?  No! Just Lady Margaret with daughters, Maiden Ashleigh and maiden Savannah.

Alright, everyone, the town crier has announced your arrival at castle notre dame.  the show begins!

beautiful maidens, Victoria and Sarah, wait for their cue.

Lady Margot and Lord Jerry are dinner partners.

Queen Wanda and King Fred put on a really good party!

Lady Aimee' and Lord Robert get ready to sing.

Lady Barbara and Lord Pat enjoy performing.

Lady Dianna and Wizard Jim get ready to amaze the guests.

The smiles of Ladies Sandy, Dianna, and Alicin bring joy to all.

Lady Maureen and Maiden  Heather.enjoy anoter cup of wassail.

Click here to listen to the finale from the kitchen side of the castle.