Notre Dame Catholic Church



Pictures - Behind the Scenes with the Cast

Shoes are an important part of the costumes.
Kitchen staff and cast pose for a picture.

It's almost time Margot.

Lady Sandra and Lady Sandy are ready and eager to perform.

Guess which one gets to eat dinner - sorry wenches!.

Sir Robert has more jewels than lady aimee.
The cast has a few minutes to straighten up their costumes.
Click here to see the cast getting rid of their butterflies.

The ribbon dancers are first.

Dismantling the props is much easier than the setup.

Props will be stored for the next madrigal dinner.
 Be careful.  We want to use the props again.

Orignial artwork sets the mood.

The yule log kept the dining hall warm..

Click here to hear the cast wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..

Pictures - Kitchen Crew, Wenches, and Surfs

The bread is readied for the oven.
Tomatoes are being sliced, spiced, and cheesed for baking.

Be sure there are enough plates for everyone.
Steve is teaching the kitchen staff the way to do things quickly.
Now we just have to wait for the signal to put the bread in the oven.
The onion soup is put into containers for mass serving..

The meat and potatoes are in the warmers.
The wenches and surfs are getting warm wassail to pour for the toast.

Be sure to tell the guests to save the wassail for the toast.
Click here to see the picture more clearly.