Notre Dame Catholic Church



Click here to see the platers get the main course ready to be served.
Click here to view a video of the staff taking a box Friday then Saturday evenings.

The head wench discusses the plans for the meal.

The wenches listen carefully..

They are ready to serve the Royale Court and their guests..

The wenches make sure the guests are treated like royalty..

First, the bread is placed carefully in the pans.

Lori sprays butter on the bread sticks.

The bread is ready for the oven.

 French onion soup is the first course.

Put three to five croutons in each bowl.

The soup is ready to be taken into the royale hall.

Steve can tell when there is just enough dressing on the salad.

He shows the platers how much salad to put on the plate..

After a few croutons are added, the salads are ready.

After the bread stick, the main course is fully plated.

This is the main course as it is served to the guests.

The dessert plates are decorated with strawberry sauce..

Candy holly and a red hot berry are added to each dessert.
The platers help the wait staff get the dessert. 

The dishwashing crew keeps everything clean.

But they'll all have dishpan hands by saturday night!

We're just relaxing a minute before drying MORE dishes.

It's been another busy night in the kitchen.

When not taking pictues, this wench works in the kitchen.

The silverware is ready for tomorrow night!