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Groundbreaking Mass/Ceremony/Lunch
2005 50th Anniversary 2008 Parish Picnic 2009 Trip to Bishop Stika's Ordination
2005 50th Birthday Party 2008 Astros Come for Brunch 2009 Fall Festival of Nations
2005 "SS Stewardship" 2008 CCW Installation and Reception 2009 Second Annual Golf Tournament
2007 Fr. John's Installation and Reception 2008 Fall Festival of Nations 2010 Trunk or Treat
2007 Can you find our seminarian? 2008 K of C Spaghetti Supper and Auction 2010  55th Anniversary Receptions
2007 Madrigal Dinner 2008 First Annual Golf Tournament 2010 Graduates
2007 Parish Picnic 2008 Madrigal Dinner 2010 Council of Catholic Women
2008 Ghana Medical Mission 2009 Council of Catholic Women 2010 Fall Festival of Nations
2008 CCW Ladies at Work 2009 Mardi Gras Pancake Supper 2010 Third Annual Golf Tournament
2008 Vacation Bible School 2009 Haiti Mission Visit to Greeneville

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